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Avtaar Soor
Avtaar Soor

My Vision

Making sure that our kids have healthy lifestyles, schools are free of crime, drugs and bullying to increase our students' chances of success and encourage active engagement in our educational system.


With your support I can achieve my vision 

  • bring bullying awareness among school children
  • ensure that public schools meet the diverse needs of students
  • work with fellow trustees to bring specialized programs so that students are getting quality of education in the schools
  • conflict resolution skills at both the junior and senior levels
  • fundamental rights and freedoms at the elementary school level
  • financial literacy skills to schools in underprivileged communities
  • expansion of co-op programs in the schools
  • more funds and resources for special needs programs (healthy breakfast for Kindergarten & Elementary schools kids)
  • improve transportation to and from schools
  • work hard to build stronger connections between teachers, parents and students


Wi Fi side effects in the Schools, click here to find out more.

Need to take precautionary steps for a safer enviroment for students and teachers in the schools.

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